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    • Performance comparison

      I am trying to find comparison data that compares the Entity framework and CSLA. Running head to head. Can't find anything. Anyone want to weigh in on this? Dave
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by helixpoint on Mon, Nov 10 2014
    • Slow first usage per-type with Client DataPortal

      I'm finding that when I first start up my application the first client dataportal usage PER TYPE, is very slow. So, for example, the first Fetch of MyObject takes around 800ms, whereas every subsequent MyObject takes around 250ms (the server is in a different location). If I then Fetch MyOtherObject...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by andrew123 on Mon, Jul 28 2014
    • LoadProperty vs SetProperty setters and performance

      Hi there, In my windows project I have more than 50 registered properties per object (more or less) and not every one of them has corresponded field in a Database. If I use SetProperty as a setter, I run to a severe performance issues, due to PropertyHasChanged event being fired all the time a property...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by Tatjana on Wed, Nov 20 2013
    • ASP.Net Datagrid - disable ViewState to reduce page size

      Hi, We are using CSLA Version as per CSLA.dll We are currently facing problems with oversized ViewState on pages that uses DataGrid and GridViews. I need to disable ViewState on datagrid, that uses selectedindexchanges, pageindexchanged, sort command, itemdatabound and itemcreated events. Some...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by pjshah70 on Thu, Aug 15 2013
    • Clone/Serialization takes long time

      Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 I have a BLB EmployeeList which contains a child BLB HrDocumentList. The HrDocumentList uses a separate DAL and connection than the EmployeeList. The EmployeeList is roughly 110 Employee objects, and each Employee object has roughly 100 HrDocument...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by c_manboy on Tue, Jul 30 2013
    • Some performance issues when coming back from appserver

      I have a survey application where a Survey has multiple questions, each question in turn may have answers(or may not, if not I display a text box). The object structure looks like this: Survey(root/parent biz object) -> Questions child list (with Question child objects) -> Each Question child object...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by Chris62 on Wed, Jul 24 2013
    • I upgraded my silverlight5+MVVM+Prisam with CSLA 4.5 but not call Server side

      i have a application (SL5+MVVM+Prisam+EF4+CSLA 4.3)but i upgraded with CSLA 4.5 for improving the perfomance but when i update the csla source code with 4.5 i am getting compile error ,because i am using CompressedProxy technique for send and receiving the request, public class CompressedProxy<T>...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by wasiuddin.786 on Thu, Jun 27 2013
    • ViewModelBase performance, solution

      I'm experiencing some terrible performance with ViewModelBase (WPF) class. If changing Model properties or adding items to list, profiler is returning results that are hundreds of times slower then expected. I figured out that such performance is because of events attached in HookChangedEvents method...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by mesh on Mon, Jun 17 2013
    • Performance of LoadProperty Method

      Hi folks, My team is working on a WPF application using CSLA 4.2.1 for our business layer implementation. We have one area within our application that currently displays a list of 5633 info objects. This list is taking approximately 3.0 seconds to load. So, I decided to investigate in order to determine...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by rlhiggin on Fri, Apr 27 2012
    • Major performance issue with loading ROLB

      I'm hoping that someone can point me in the right direction for my SL4 / CSLA4 app. A SQL recordset containing 2,500 rows (about 16 columns) is returned from the local DP. The proc executes in under 1 second. However, the time it takes to loop through each record in the ROLB DP method and pass it...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by Tim on Wed, Apr 11 2012
    • CSLA mobile objects network transmission

      Good day everyone! We have a webapp based on Silverlight, WCF and CSLA. I've done some performance optimization for the app and the bottleneck for now is CSLA. I've analyzed the request, it was a search by UID operation. UID is 10-digit decimal. CSLA had serialized an object (FindByUIDCriteria...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by Direvius on Thu, Aug 25 2011
    • Permission based authorization and performance in CLSA.NET v4

      I thought I had a good initial design for doing a permission based authorization model based on Rocky's comments and my understanding of things - until I read in Using CSLA 4 how the principal and hence the identity have to be passed through the dataportal on each call. That, or they have to be reconstructed...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by nhwilly on Tue, Aug 9 2011
    • Performance challange why shuld object take 7 second for fetching?

      Hello I searched about performance tuning in CSLA as my application is too slow i checked the penalty of linq and i found that performance hit is not related to it. first of all i have a business object Personnel that defined as follow: [Serializable] [Csla.Server.ObjectFactory("PMS.PersonnelFactory...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by Saman on Thu, Jul 14 2011
    • CSLA performance issues with large data sets

      Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Hello folks, Though CSLA works quite nicely with smaller datasets I am seeing a performance issue when accessing larger data sets. In particular I have a CSLA Read Only List Object that in some cases could contain over 19K child elements. In these cases...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by Fernando on Mon, Apr 18 2011
    • CSLA 4.1 performance issue

      I have a table of around 15 columns, with a few hundred records, potentially going to thousands. I present the user with a "search" form, so that they can select a record to work with. Using a ReadOnlyListBase/ReadOnlyBase combination, I populate a BindingSource, and bind that to a listbox...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by slackmaster on Mon, Mar 28 2011
    • AddNew performance question

      Hi, I am using CSLA 4.0 and WPF and I have this BO that has a child collection (based on BusinessListBase) where the results of a calculation are stored. The child that is stored in the collection only has two properties: a Guid and a double. The problem I have is when I use AddNew to create over 10...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by bartol on Tue, Jan 18 2011
    • Re: a critical performance issue.

      hello Rock: I have set the property 'RaiseListChangedEvents' to false when loading the list. but i found 'AddEventHooks(OnAddEventHooks)' is invoked by 'LoadPropertyValue'; and 'PropertyChanged' is invoked yet. thanks!
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by keni_nan on Mon, Aug 2 2010
    • a critical performance issue.

      hello, when i do a performance test on CSLA , I found that there two points( 'ExtendedBindingList`1::OnAddEventHooks' and ' BindableBase::add_PropertyChanged' ) spend the most of time . how can i handle this case? thanks!
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by keni_nan on Sun, Aug 1 2010
    • ObjectAuthorizationRules system perfomance

      Hello everybody: I have a doubt concerning to the Project class in the PTracker. The developer implemented a function like this: Public Shared Function CanAddObject() As Boolean Return Csla.ApplicationContext.User.IsInRole("ProjectManager") End Function Is that function the same that doing...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by Lazaro Santin on Sun, Aug 1 2010

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