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    • WinForms - ApplicationContext.User principal being lost

      I've recently taken on a legacy project which involves using CSLA with WinForms as a thick client (i.e. CSLA Client and Server within same application). It's currently running CSLA 4.0.1 - I have tried upgrading to 4.3.14, but my issue is still not resolved (I can't upgrade to 4.5.x yet as...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by andrew123 on Mon, Nov 18 2013
    • Dynamic List Query

      Hey Guys, I am pretty sure I know the response to this but I am stuck having to ask this anyhow. I have a Dynamic List that is data bound to a DGV, I know the standard behaviour is to commit when you come off of the row and this works perfectly when the object is valid. I am having an issue when I go...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by Luke Macey on Tue, Oct 22 2013
    • Polymorphic Lists in Csla 4.0.1

      Hi, I have followed the guidelines suggested by Rocky for implementing a polymorphic Csla List. http://www.lhotka.net/Article.aspx?id=b8515cd9-7f8e-43df-9efd-cd958dfdc21a What is not described in above article is how to implement adding different types to the list. Factory methods of list child objects...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by Matthew Copeland on Wed, Jun 12 2013
    • Edit level mismatch in UndoChanges - only when I have a broken rule

      I have a Silverlight 4 application and just recently added some validation to one of my root object's children. One of their fields value must be greater than 1, so I added a new business rule: BusinessRules.AddRule( new Csla.Rules.CommonRules. MinValue < int >(MyProperty,1)); The children...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by Mr X on Thu, Oct 4 2012
    • syntax for csla 4

      In my pre csla 4 code I have [RunLocal] protected override void DataPortal_Create() { _userID = -1; ValidationRules.CheckRules(); //cannot resolve ValidationRule compile error here } What is the syntax when porting to csla 4.0 ? thanks
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by gullu on Mon, Aug 20 2012
    • Apply authorization to childcollection items based on parent property

      I am trying to authorize editing child collection's items based on the value of the root object. Can't seem to find any example in the samples projects nor any mentions in the Csla 4 books. I found many examples on how to authorize modifying properties or executing methods but they all refer...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by Mr X on Sun, Jun 17 2012
    • Custom Business Rules

      I am having trouble implementing two very simple business rules, one updater and one validator. The first rule, verifies if a bool property "IsSelected" is true. If so, it sets the value of a second (a string) property to "". The second rule creates a broken rule if the second property...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by Mr X on Thu, Jun 7 2012
    • Issue with Validation Rules Refreshing with Prism...

      Hello, We are using CSLA 4 and Prism 4 for a WPF application. Currently, we are using the CSLA.ViewModelBase for our view models. The first time I navigate to a view, the object is created and the validation errors show correctly. The issue comes the second time I load the view. It seems like the PropertyStatus...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by reagan123 on Wed, Dec 7 2011
    • How can I use this.Parent.Parent?

      Hi, I have the following object graph: - BusinessBase< List> o BusinessListBase<ListCultures> § BusinessBase< ListCulture> o BusinessListBase< ListItems> § BusinessBase< ListItem> § BusinessListBase< ListItemLiterals> · BusinessBase< ListItemLiteral>...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by Mr X on Wed, Aug 17 2011
    • Need help shifting from Winforms to WPF/MVVM

      Hello, I'm trying to shift from using Winforms/CSLA 3.1.7 to WPF/MVVM using the current CSLA release. I'm having issues on translating my winforms UI approach. The old approach typically had a grid that was bound to a read only list of objects. Once the user selected an item, I would then fetch...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by reagan123 on Wed, Aug 3 2011
    • CSLA performance issues with large data sets

      Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Hello folks, Though CSLA works quite nicely with smaller datasets I am seeing a performance issue when accessing larger data sets. In particular I have a CSLA Read Only List Object that in some cases could contain over 19K child elements. In these cases...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by Fernando on Mon, Apr 18 2011
    • Unable to use parameters in DataPortal_Create in CSLA 4.0.1

      Hi, I am unable to specify parameters to my object's DataPortal_Fetch method. I seem to have read somewhere that this method should accept parameter of any built-in type (int, string...) or criteria objects. protected override void DataPortal_Create( MyCriteria Criteria) { //TODO: load default values...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by Mr X on Fri, Mar 25 2011
    • Cancel does not always refresh child lists

      Hi, When I modify a root object and cancel the changes, the root object is reverted to its orignial state but its child lists do not always reload. Did anyone experienced this before? Ex; Have a "User" root object with a list of associated projects. When I cancel changes made to the user, its...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by Mr X on Thu, Mar 17 2011
    • Silverlight4 - MVVM - item drag & drop implementation question

      Hi, I am currently looking to implement drag & drop functionality in a Silverlight 4 application (in this particular case a treeview) using MVVM (and CSLA 4.0.1). So far I found a number of examples for Silverlight including the folowing: http://www.dotnetcurry.com/ShowArticle.aspx?ID=511 http:/...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by Mr X on Mon, Feb 21 2011
    • Example of ListFactory Update Method

      I have a working ListFactory Update method but I like to look at an example if there is one out there. My solution required me to make some protected methods public in the list (like the deleted list). This makes me think there may be a better solution. I looked in the 2008 Business Objects and new Using...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by csmith1 on Tue, Feb 8 2011
    • Edit level mismatch in AcceptChanges CSLA 4.1 Silverlight

      why this error: Edit level mismatch in AcceptChanges at Csla.Core.UndoableBase.AcceptChanges(Int32 parentEditLevel) at Csla.Core.UndoableBase.Csla.Core.IUndoableObject.AcceptChanges(Int32 parentEditLevel, Boolean parentBindingEdit) at Csla.Core.FieldManager.FieldDataManager.Csla.Core.IUndoableObject...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by JJ on Fri, Feb 4 2011
    • Validation of Min/Max Value in csla 4.x

      Hello! I want to Validate 2 Fields MinValue and MaxValue, that MaxValue is more or equal to MinValue. My first Solution was to make one Validation Object, but this doesn't Work because the Data Portal throw an exception that there ist already a Element with the same name. My Code (try) with one Validation...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by ThiloS on Fri, Jan 28 2011
    • From where I have to start learning CSLA.Net for Silverlight.

      Hi, I knows the CSLA.Net for windows, I've used CSLA.Net any my many Business Web Application, But now I would like to use CSLA.Net (CSLA Light) for Silverlight Business Application. Now I'm moving on to the silverlight application, where every operation are asynchronous, than how to use CSLA...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by Jigar on Wed, Jan 19 2011
    • Re: Child NVL combobox control not generated from DataSources in VS2010

      Hi Rocky, Thought you might be interested in this error message for future reference. I have a root object that contains a child NVL. When I drag my datasource onto the Silverlight grid, I get an indication that my datasource is not working properly. I removed my NVL from the root object and was then...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by Mr X on Tue, Jan 18 2011
    • Property Status control not working properly (CSLA 4.0.1 + Silverlight 4 + MVVM)

      Hi all, I implemented the example described in Rocky's MVVM video "Deeper dive into collections". I was succesful in my implementation of the "New Employee" and then went forward to implement his navigation example going from the list of employees to the employee item. The navigation...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by Mr X on Mon, Jan 17 2011
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