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    • reading and writing app configs to the database and defining if ther are editable or not?

      Hi we have recently decided to transfer all our app configs to the database. right now we consider all these configs to be both readable and writeable. but we want to future proof it so that if a certain client decides to make a certain category of configs to be only readable we could manage it. at the...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by ftaran on Fri, Apr 11 2014
    • CSLA Short Circuiting Rules

      I've noticed that short-circuiting rules in CSLA 4.5.501.0 is not working. That is when I set prioritization to my business rules then set the ProcessThroughPriority. When I query the Broken Rules I get all invalid rules even those that has higher priority than ProcessThroughPriority value. Is there...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by junted on Fri, Mar 21 2014
    • Field not marked as dirty after calling PropertyHasChanged

      I have a property that required some custom behaviour in the setter: I need to set another property bases on the new value, and delay rule checking until both properties are set. NB: all rules are triggered by PrimaryContactId, not PrimaryContact, Here is my code: public static readonly PropertyInfo...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by kreid on Wed, Oct 9 2013
    • Responsibility driven design or database structure?

      My use case scenario has defined these objects: Employee, User, Client. My database is structured similar to inheritance where the base table is named Entity (id, displayname) with a one to one relationship to Person(entityId, firstname, lastname) with a one to one to Employee/User/Client(entityId, …...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by c_manboy on Wed, May 15 2013
    • Sorting SortedBindingList by child object property

      Hello, I'm trying to sort a GridView by a property of a child object. I'm able to successfully set the DataField of a BoundField to the child column ("Application.Name"), but this doesn't work for sorting. How would I go about accessing this child property in the ApplySort method...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by scjohnson on Wed, Apr 10 2013
    • CSLA 4.5 - Do I need Callback EventHandlers if targeting only .NET 4.5 vs async/await

      For new business objects and projects that will be targeted only for .NET Framework 4.5 and beyond and WinRT, do I still need to program my Factory methods (New, Get, etc.) in my business objects with Callback EventHandler options - or can I just use the async/await format Ray Klaassen
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by SMILEMan on Fri, Jan 11 2013
    • Where to start with responsibility-driven design?

      Hi, there. I read Rockies documentation about responsibility-driven design. I still don't see the point why we need this. Can anybody give me a good starting point to read from, please. I used google and got some links. I didn't enlighten me much. How many do use this design technique? Coding...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by Org on Mon, Dec 17 2012
    • multiple fetches possible?

      Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Hi all, I am working on a project using CSLA generated by codesmith and due to project considerations we will be re-generating quite often throughout the lifetime of the project. Due to these considerations, I am running into a...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by mtrtm on Tue, Sep 18 2012
    • How to tell if business object was created/fetched async?

      Is there a way to tell if an editable business object was created/fetched async? I am looking into the idea of lazy loading child lists async or sync depending on how the business object was instantiated. At first I thought of using a similar method as running business runs async or sync: if (System...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by jhardman on Tue, Aug 14 2012
    • Adding Object Authorization Rules conditionally

      Hi CSLAers: I have a doubt. Is there a way to add an object authorization rule depending a property value? I'm working in CSLA 3.6. I'm trying to do the following: Private Shared Sub AddObjectAuthorizationRules() AuthorizationRules.AllowGet(GetType(MyBO), "canget") AuthorizationRules...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by Lazaro Santin on Fri, Jun 22 2012
    • Execute Business rule on child object When Parent property has change.

      I have parent root(Mater) object as BusinessBase which has BusinessListBase(ChildList) object as a child. Parent (BusinessBase) - Child List (BusinessListBase) - Child (BusinessBase) I have a custom business rule implemented in child object (BusinessBase of ChildList), which depends on parent root(Mater...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by Marsh on Mon, Mar 12 2012
    • N-Level Undo

      Hi, I've come across an odd scenario where a call to any of the N-Level undo related methods, such as BeginEdit(), causes an 'object reference not set to an instance of an object' exception. The object that I'm calling BeginEdit() on was built with CSLA 2.1.4 (I have other versions installed...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by tim.davenport on Tue, Oct 18 2011
    • Customize Authorization Rules Messages.

      Hello all. I'm using Authorization Rules in my Business Objects but when any Authorization Rule is broken the message provided on the exception do not fits my needs. I was reviewing the implementation of the DataPortal class and CSLA throws a Security Exception and loads the exception message from...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by omarcusido on Fri, Oct 14 2011
    • Implementing Objects as Root or Child within hierarchical structures?

      Hello, after reading the CSLA4 books I am not sure how to implement the following scenario: given the following classes to build up a simple contact management: class Contact { IEnumerable<ContactRelation> RelatedContacts; } class ContactRelation { string RelationType; Contact RelatedContact; ...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by Alexander Becker on Thu, Oct 13 2011
    • Adding complex methods to business objects

      I need a little help with designing a test application that I am writing. I have created a "Policy" object that handles all of the CRUD operations for a policy. Now I want to add the ability to Transact a policy, and I'm not sure how to design this. The first thought is to just add a few...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by Daniel Morey on Thu, Aug 11 2011
    • Units of Measure

      Rocky, Have you yet expanded within your new book on the Subject of Units of Measure? I recall what you have indicated before and was wondering if you touched on the subject in your book.
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by E on Wed, Aug 3 2011
    • Custom Busines Rule for numeric property

      Hello, I've a Custom Rules that checks if the user entered a valid numerical value (Double.TryParse) I override the AddBusinessRules Method and added the rule like this: BusinessRules.AddRule(new Business.CustomRules.Numerical(PreislistePos.PreisNormalProperty)); It works fine, as long as the user...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by Kevin on Wed, Jul 27 2011
    • Re: Binding Textbox.MaxLength to Maxlength Validation rule

      I wrote this in my blog , hopefully it will help somebody :-)
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by maridob on Tue, Jun 7 2011
    • Re: Localisation Rule descriptions

      Hi I know this is an old posting, but I'm looking into using the Localization in my custom Validation rules. Would it be possible to get an example on how it would be done. I've created my custom Validation rules ok and they work fine. I using windows form (vb.net 2005 with CSLA 2.0), and my...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by ksavoie on Tue, Mar 29 2011
    • Asynchrous rule not updating UI on first call - breaking list

      I’ve been using CSLA for a while now but am now just starting to build Silverlight applications using it. I am having a problem with asynchronous rule methods that update the UI. I am using CSLA 4.1 and have the following objects: BannedCarrier – Child Business Base Object BannedCarriers...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion by zman88a on Thu, Mar 17 2011
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