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    • Csla.NameValueListBase<K,V> for Windows Forms or safe for WPF

      Hi Context: Given that BusinessBindingListBase<T,C> is for supporting Windows Forms under CSLA 4, and BusinessListBase<T,C> is the Xaml (ObservableCollection) equivalent, then what about NameValueListBase<K,V> ? It is derived from the Csla.Core.ExtendedBindingListBase<T> type...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by Jaans on Sat, May 31 2014
    • Debugging WCF Service for a CSLA Silverlight app

      I have downloaded the CSLA source (latest version) and I can debug through the SimpleApp sample on the Silverlight side, but I can't get the debugger to break in the WcfPortal code or the CustomerEdit DataPortal_Insert() method. I know that code is being executed because if I add an exception throw...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by MichaelMaddox on Fri, Mar 25 2011
    • FriendlyName in PropertyStatus issue 851 question

      Just today I was hoping to be able to do XAML binding to a property's friendly name when I found issue 851. http://www.lhotka.net/cslabugs/edit_bug.aspx?id=851 The last comment mentions poor visual results I am guessing because if the XAML is bound to a null object you won't even get labels,...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by Arthur Dumas on Tue, Oct 26 2010
    • CanReadProperty not working with custom AuthorizationRule

      I have the visibility of my StackPanel dependant on the results of CanRead using a PropertyStatus like so: <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal" Margin="5,5,5,5" Visibility="{Binding ElementName=SSNPropertyStatus, Path=CanRead, Converter={StaticResource VisibilityConverter...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by marthac on Mon, Aug 30 2010
    • New to Regions

      Guys, I have not used prism before, nor regions. I am using Bxf in A SL4 project and using CSLA4 and have created an application based similar to Visual Studio and similar to Outlook. Where I have a in my Outlook bars regions and I have a main window that has tabbed documents. I have got all this up...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by E on Fri, Jul 9 2010
    • web.config file problem Silverlight 4 Collective MVVM

      I add a bussiness.server side project and business.client side project to my project working same as lhotka Silverlight 4 collective project. There is something wrong with my web.config file see http://forums.lhotka.net/forums/p/9101/43303.aspx#43303 what am i missing?
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by Jasper on Sat, Jun 19 2010
    • Binding WPF Page to Csla Object

      Writting a WPF Browser Application. Is there an example on how to bind a xaml page to a csla object? I am guessing I need to use the new Csla.Xaml? Below is a code snippet from my page. I am getting an "Unable to load the metadata for assembly 'Csla.Xaml'.... Could not load file or assembly...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by GreggR on Wed, Feb 17 2010
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