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    • ViewModel lifetime

      Hi folks, We're developing a business WPF application using CSLA4 and Bxf . We have just encountered an issue to manage the ViewModel lifetime. Cause, we didn't anticipate the ViewModel keep persisting through the pages. Per exemple, one viewmodel has a timer, to get data data periodically. And...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by cconte on Mon, Sep 19 2011
    • How to use MVVM binding to combox?

      I bought the CSLA 4.0 MVVM Serials, and according to the sample, i set up a ProductCategoryViewModel, and ProductCategoyrView , in the ProductcategoryView there a combox for parent product category, how to bind the ProductCategorListViewModel to the combox itemsource? Thank you.
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by simon on Thu, Nov 18 2010
    • Minor bug in LinqObservableCollection

      We are using the CSLA LinqObservableCollection with WPF 4 in CSLA 4.0.1. This is a very useful class. However, two of our team members, Brent Edwards and Marty Robertson, have discovered that there is a minor bug. Specifically, in the IndexOf(object value) the released code reads: return _baseCollection...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by JonStonecash on Fri, Oct 15 2010
    • CSLA.Net usage on Windows Terminal Server?

      Hi, Just wondered if anyone has experience of using CSLA on a Windows (2003) terminal server. The WPF application (to be written) would be deployed to C:\Program Files using a Setup project and installed while the TS is in install mode. All the users will use the exe and dlls from the same C:\Program...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by jradxl on Mon, Oct 4 2010
    • How to restore object after exception during saving?

      I need advise about restoring original object after Saving failed. Here is what I am doing: I use ViewModelBase for my WPF application with ManageObjectLifetime set to false, since I want to control it myself. 1. "Edit" button pressed, I call ISupportUndo.BeginEdit. Object considered to be...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by maxal on Wed, Aug 25 2010
    • A couple of issues with the UpdateComplete handler for SaveItem in DynamicListBase

      Hi, I'm calling SaveItem in DynamicListBase and seeing some incorrect (i think) behaviour. I'm using CSLA.NET 4.0.0 with WPF. I've set RaiseReplaceEvents to true, and I've tried this binding to a ListView and an Infragistics XamDataGrid. The first problem I had was that exceptions were...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by RSinden on Wed, Aug 18 2010
    • RE: Silverlight binding to IsDirty doesn't change when other properties are changed

      Hi Rocky Any news on this? Apologies if this is something that's been implemented for CSLA 4.0 - haven't had the chance to test this out on 4.0 yet. I'm have a Silverlight project using CSLA 3.8.4 and the issue remains. I'm binding directly to the business object (MVVM will have to wait...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by Jaans on Tue, Jul 27 2010
    • BusinessListBase vs BusinessBindingListBase

      Hi all. Sharing some experiences and raisising a point. As you might have noticed, under CSLA.NET 4 BusinessListBase changed - when the collection changes, instead of raising the ListChanged event as it used to, it raises the CollectionChanged event. This is old news and is all on the release notes....
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by Tiago Freitas Leal on Sun, May 30 2010
    • Re: Binding WPF Page to Csla Object

      Thank you for the reply. I was able to bind to the object and my data is saving, but I'm still having some trouble implementing the CslaDataProvider (would like to for the error handling if nothing else). Your first reply raises a bigger question. What would you recommend for an internet accessible...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by GreggR on Wed, Feb 17 2010
    • Binding WPF Page to Csla Object

      Writting a WPF Browser Application. Is there an example on how to bind a xaml page to a csla object? I am guessing I need to use the new Csla.Xaml? Below is a code snippet from my page. I am getting an "Unable to load the metadata for assembly 'Csla.Xaml'.... Could not load file or assembly...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by GreggR on Wed, Feb 17 2010
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