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    • Re: ASP.NET MVC (3) and CSLA Child collections

      I am interested in insights people can provide as well. The built-in support for collections provided by MVC is (imo) underwhelming. Do third-party controls like the Telerik one provide a better model for dealing with collections?
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by RockfordLhotka on Thu, Feb 10 2011
    • Re: Csla 4 and Asp.Net MVC 2

      @xAvailx, have you looked at the CSLA 4 CslaModelBinder? I think Gary and/or Ricky did some work around collections. In the context of this particular thread however, there's one other option. If your controller implements IModelCreator (from Csla.Web.Mvc), the CslaModelBinder will invoke a CreateModel...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by RockfordLhotka on Wed, Jan 26 2011
    • CslaProvider being lost with session on a load test

      We have an ASP.NET MVC 2 CSLA 3.6.2 application. We are using a custom identity and principal objects and modified the Global.asax appropriately to rehydrate Csla.ApplicationContext.User with the custom principal from session. I have attached the code snippets below. The issue is that when we run a load...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by jwright on Tue, Jan 25 2011
    • Re: Csla 4 and Asp.Net MVC 2

      It is the stateful vs stateless thing... MVC defaults to stateless, but you can enable Session and use it. If you do that, you can use the same techniques I used in the Web Forms ProjectTracker PTWeb project to reuse the same business model from a smart client. You lose some scalability, but it may be...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by RockfordLhotka on Sun, Jan 23 2011
    • Csla business objects in ASP.NET MVC 3 with using "Razor"

      My previous post was about ASP.NET MVC 2, which no doubt people will use in combination with Csla. But this one is more for Rocky to answer i guess. Are there plans in supporting ASP.NET MVC 3 (currently in beta) http://aspnet.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=MVC&referringTitle=Home Also with using the...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by rfcdejong on Wed, Nov 3 2010
    • Re: BypassPropertyChecks, MVC binding and IsDirty

      This is not the purpose behind BypassPropertyChecks. What you want instead is the SuppressRuleChecking property on BusinessRules (ValidationRules in 3.8 and earlier). In CSLA 4 there's an ISuppressRuleChecking interface on BusinessBase so a UI framework can directly suppress, resume and check rules...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by RockfordLhotka on Fri, Sep 10 2010
    • Re: CSLA 4.0 - Required DLLs for an MVC website

      When building applications in ASP.NET you should reference: Csla.dll Csla.Web.dll When building ASP.NET MVC applications you should additionally reference: Csla.Web.Mvc.dll Csla.Web.dll contains some important ASP.NET support, including web-specific behaviors for ApplicationContext.
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by RockfordLhotka on Mon, Aug 23 2010
    • Re: CSLA 4 - using the CslaModelBinder with MVC 2

      The CslaModelBinder is designed primarily to enable the view to bind directly to a CSLA business object. In my opinion, a properly designed business object will meet the needs of the user scenario - which almost always means it is shaped correctly for the view. Since the controller handles all actions...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by RockfordLhotka on Wed, Aug 11 2010
    • Best Practice for csla Lookup list in Asp.net MVC

      Based on the ProjectTracker samples it appears as though the best practice when using csla is to pass the business object to the view via its Model. That works great. My question is if the business object has field(s) that are selected from some list (a read only root list) what is the best practice...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by RandyH on Fri, Aug 6 2010
    • Re: Session object in MVC

      When building a web app, whether MVC or not, you need to decide if your server will be stateless or not. When I built most (all?) of the Web Forms samples I used a stateful server model - so Session was allowed. Most MVC apps, in my observation, have stateless servers. So I've mostly been building...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by RockfordLhotka on Wed, Aug 4 2010
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