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    • Validation WebService

      Validation rules of the attributes do not work with webservice. Ex : BusinessRules.AddRule(new Required(CodPrestadorOperadoraProperty)); The field is required, but when I save generates the error _Eleg.Save(); " Object is not valid and can not be saved "
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by jairan on Tue, Oct 1 2013
    • Business Rule for Not Allowing Edit or Delete for a Specific Record

      I have a business object and a corresponding database table called Role. In this table I am preloading two default records. The first is named "Administrators" and second is named "Users". I want to allow people to add, edit, and delete roles, except for these default ones. I was...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by korzy1bj@gmail.com on Thu, Jan 19 2012
    • Rules triggering other rules

      I have a business object set up with properties AAA, BBB, CCC and DDD. I wanted to blank the latter properties if early ones get changed. This means if BBB changes, AAA will be left alone and CCC and DDD will be set to nothing. I have set up a rule so that if AAA changes it sets BBB to Nothing, another...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by Daniel Morey on Tue, Dec 13 2011
    • Business Rules - Determining Async for Clients, Sync for ASP.NET ?

      On page 105 of Rocky's Using CSLA 4: Creating Business Objects, a code sample is given to set IsAsync based on whether the code is on the Client or ASP.NET (ie want async server access in business rules on smart clients (Silverlight, WPF, Metro, etc but not code on ASP.NET servers): #if SILVERLIGHT...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by SMILEMan on Wed, Oct 12 2011
    • LoadProperty OnChildChanged not working

      Hey guys i have 2 problems both is the same but they're still 2 problems 1). When a change the value of a property (which is a collections of objects) it does not trigger any rules to run, this is the first problem why the rule doesn't run when the value changes - unless I'm thinking because...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by vbbeta on Thu, Jul 21 2011
    • Problem chaining rules with CSLA Common Required rule

      I am having some trouble trying to chain two rules using the Csla.Rules.CommonRules.Required rule as the inner rule. Basically, I want the Width2 property to be required if the Shape property is not equal to "Circular". Here is my code: private class ShapeGate : BusinessRule { public ShapeGate...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by Eben on Mon, Jun 20 2011
    • How to check business validation rules in the child objects of a parent object

      Hi All, I have written a function to check the validation in the children of a parent business object like this public List<string> CheckRules() { //check rule for all its childs foreach (var child in this.FieldManager.GetChildren()) { //first check if the child is modelbase var po = child as IPhoenixModelBase;...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by Tiklu Ganguly on Wed, Dec 1 2010
    • Some queries about new businessrule system

      Hi All, I do have some server side rules and some client side rules for a business object. And when I am hitting the save button I am explicitly calling the checkrules for the business object. The whole system is working just fine. Even when I am changing field with some data in it and going to the next...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by Tiklu Ganguly on Tue, Nov 30 2010
    • Async BusinessRule Error - CSLA 4

      This is executing, but the context never Completes and the red indicator that show the error on xaml is not working, do we miss something? protected override void AddBusinessRules() { base.AddBusinessRules(); BusinessRules.AddRule(new CheckUserLogonName(UsernameProperty, new List<Csla.Core.IPropertyInfo>...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by JJ on Thu, Nov 11 2010
    • CSLA 4.0 Authorizer (Wpf/Xaml)

      I have been building out a Wpf project using the CSLA 4.0.1 Framework. In the sample code for Project Tracker, an Authorizer control is used to provide Read/Write authorization, but that control no longer exists in the Csla.Xaml project. I also see a note in the CSLA 4 change log that it has been removed...
      Posted to CSLA .NET discussion (Forum) by tabaguley on Wed, Oct 27 2010
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