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  • The case of the ApplicationContext.ClientContext disappearance

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    Jean posted on Mon, Jun 17 2013 10:46 PM

    It seems that the content of ApplicationContext.ClientContext disappear .  During the login proess i put the user id in the clientContext, then i use my implementation of IAuthorizeDataPortal to recreate the user and get the stuff i need from it.   Now this is working fine for a couple of back and forth and than suddenly no more userID in the ClientContext, this can happen at any time, i there seems to have no pattern.


    By reading the previous post, a recurring anwser is make sure you have the csla web in the folder, and i do.


    i'm using Win8 with CSLA Core.4.5.30. on .net 4.5

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    Jean replied on Sun, Jun 14 2015 9:27 PM

    The setting of a property load a list for the user to be able to set another property.


    Property A is set -> triggers a rule to load the possible choices for Property B


    Hope that clarifies

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    I'm not sure I see how this scenario gets you to loading a child object as a root? What do you do, load it, pull the collection from it, and then discard it?

    Why not just load the filtered collection directly?


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    As I start to move the forum to GitHub, I'll move active threads there via link. Here's the link to continue this thread:




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