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  • DataAccess layer for Neo4j

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    SreeRamaSaran Mullapudi posted on Tue, Mar 31 2015 6:18 PM

    Recently I was introduced to Neo4j (graph) database and I would like to try it with CSLA.NET. In order to try I've a couple of questions

    1. Which data object manager (like ConnectionManager, ObjectContextManager, etc...) can I use?
    2. Do I need to modify any of the DalFactory.cs or DalManager.cs classes?

    Neo4j supports REST API and we can connect to the database using the following connection string "http://localhost:7474/db/data" (if it is installed on the same machine).

    Suggestions will be appreciated.



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    Answered (Not Verified) Andy replied on Wed, Apr 1 2015 6:07 PM

    You'd probably not use any of those, you'd just call the web service it provides in your DataPortal_xyz method.

    Unless they provide a library which implements the normal Ado.Net interfaces like IDbConnection, then you could use ConnectionManager.

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