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  • DataPortal.CreateAsync does not call DataPortal_Create through the data portal using CSLA 4.5.501

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    Russ Blair posted on Thu, Apr 10 2014 1:19 PM

    I am creating a Silverlight 5 application with the latest CSLA 4.5.501 (installed via Nuget). I am using the new async await syntax and have discovered that DataPortal.CreateAsync does not call the DataPortal_Create method on a simple BusinessBase object.

    If I change the DataPortal.CreateAsync call to DataPortal_FetchAsync in the factory method then it successfully calls the DataPortal_Fetch method through the data portal.

    Calling the CreateAsync with no parameters does not call the “protected override void DataPortal_Create()” method and calling CreateAsync with a single string parameter does not call the “protected void DataPortal_Create(string username)”.

    If I flag the DataPortal_Create method as [RunLocal] and move it outside the #if !SILVERLIGHT #endif block then the CreateAsync call works.

    Adding a try catch around the DataPortal.CreateAsync call does not catch any exceptions.

    I know my WCF configuration is correct because the DataPortal_Fetch works.

    Has anyone else observed this behaviour?

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    The failure case is with a remote data portal?


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    Yes.  My WCF configuration is copied from CSLA4.5.500\Samples\Net\cs\SimpleNTier solution.

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