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  • Asp.Net MVC Custom Principal losing information

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    RandyH posted on Mon, Oct 10 2011 10:19 AM

    If I have a user "A" logged in, then when user "B" pulls up the site (without logging in), then user "A" custom identitiy properties are lost. This also occurs if both users are logged in and one of the users logs out.

    The custom pricipal object is being stored in session. Session is being maintained by Asp.Net Session State Service.

        Private Sub ShellApplication_AcquireRequestState(ByVal sender As ObjectByVal e As System.EventArgsHandles Me.AcquireRequestState
            If (TypeOf HttpContext.Current.Handler Is IRequiresSessionStateThen
                If (Csla.ApplicationContext.AuthenticationType = "Windows"Then
                    Exit Sub
                End If
                Dim principal As System.Security.Principal.IPrincipal
                    principal = CType(Session(SessionKey.CslaPrincipal), System.Security.Principal.IPrincipal)
                    principal = Nothing
                End Try
                If (principal Is NothingThen
                    If User.Identity.IsAuthenticated AndAlso TypeOf User.Identity Is FormsIdentity Then
                    End If
                    ' use the principal from Session
                    Csla.ApplicationContext.User = principal
                End If
            End If
        End Sub
    I am using CSLA 4.1. I have csla.dll, csla.web.dll, and csla.web.mvc.dll referenced in my projects.
    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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    Maybe this thread would help:



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