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  • PropertyStatus and object level rules

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    Curelom posted on Thu, Jun 16 2011 10:19 AM

     PropertyStatus does not capture object level rules.  Will this be addressed in the next release of Csla?  It would certainly be helpful.

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    You are thinking of putting a PropertyStatus control on a form, and not specifying a property for the control, so it would know to pick up object level broken rules?

    This wouldn't be terribly hard to do, but I wonder about the visual representation? Where would you have the error icon appear? And anywhere you put it, wouldn't it look odd?

    I wonder if a better answer isn't to make the PropertyInfo control pick up object level broken rules (if you don't specify a property for the control). This control is completely lookless (it has no visuals at all), and you could therefore use it to implement a broken rule display that would fit nicely into your UI style.


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    Or maybe create a separate ObjectInfo control for object level rules. We've discussed creating a ObjectInfo control in our CSLA projects.

    PropertyInfo and PropertyStatus is as the name incurs - tied to properties- and it's not that obvious to set the propertyInfo to null for Object level Broken rules.

    Jonny Bekkum, Norway CslaContrib Coordinator

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