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  • How to set child property into null value when the root object is initialize

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    sutono posted on Thu, Jun 16 2011 4:38 AM

    HI All,

    please someone tell me how to set child property into null value when the root object is initialize...

    i need this because of my specific business case, i have a parent object that contain a lot of editable child property inside, and sometimes user can fill in some of the child information (not all) thats why i need the validation at the root object to determine which child is not filled in.

    private static PropertyInfo<PDGravureSR> _PDGravureSRProperty = RegisterProperty<PDGravureSR>(p => p.PDGravureSR);

            public PDGravureSR PDGravureSR




                    if (!(FieldManager.FieldExists(_PDGravureSRProperty)) || FieldManager.GetFieldData(_PDGravureSRProperty).Value == null)

                        LoadProperty(_PDGravureSRProperty, PDGravureSR.New(F_Id));

                    return GetProperty(_PDGravureSRProperty);




    i have this child property inside my root object, each time my root object was initialize, this property will always assigned by its default value, i know CSLA framework made this for "lazy loading" purpose, but is there any ways to set this child property into "null" when its initialize, so that i can have my validation on UI.



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